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Operating procedures for dump trucks
author:admin Release date:2017/9/27 16:04:09
The following is an introduction to the operation procedures of the dump truck.
1. Do not suddenly lift the lift handle to "descending position" when full load lift.

If this operation is wrong, the car will rush down, it will bring a great impact to the frame, even accident. Therefore, the above operations should be avoided as far as possible. If there is a special situation, you must also be careful and try to slow down the landing speed. You must avoid the sudden drop of the carriage.

2. Do not use the truck - slam the unloading.
Pick up the car because of the fierce inertia force is very big (usually 5 ~ 20 times of the rated lifting force), easy to cause the frame to permanent deformation, car and pay for the frame welding, burning oil pump or destroy sealing ring, destruction of the hydraulic cylinder, such as damage, the service life of the vehicle is reduced, will there be a rollover accident in severe cases. So the general dump truck is not allowed to lift.

3. After unloading the truck, it is necessary to remove the loaders to drive.

If this operation is wrong, the unloading vehicle is in the "joint" position, and the lift pump is under "small circulation" for a long time without load. The result is that the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil is rising rapidly, causing the oil pump seal to be damaged, even the oil pump "burning" phenomenon; More serious is the operation of the oil pump means that the hydraulic system has the power source, in the process of the traffic accident.
4. The driving force must not be in the "on" position.
If in the "connected" state (red light), the pump will continue to roll, hydraulic system has the power source, because this will in the pneumatic control valve caused by the wrong operation on car automatic lifting; At this point, the gas control dispensing valve will enter the oil pump even if it is in "descending" position, which will cause the oil pump to burn out.
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