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Convention on safe driving of goods vehicles
author:admin Release date:2017/9/27 15:44:33

The following is an introduction to the safe driving convention of the truck.

(1) the goods must be loaded and meet the relevant requirements before being on the road. Cannot be ultra - high, super-wide, load balance. Loading of easily flying and leaking items such as coal, soil and sand shall be covered with canvas in case of pollution. In addition, the cargo must be bound and strengthened to prevent accidents caused by movement and scattering of goods.

(2) in the road, pay attention to various ban marks not ban on driving, don't break into ban into the area, not stop time, don't through a red light, consciously abide by traffic signs and traffic police command. Do not violate the rules of the road, pay attention to the gift, do not drive "bossy", "gas car".

(3) truck drivers should enhance safety awareness, and drive carefully and carefully. Fasten your seat belts, and do not drive yourself tired.

(4) the car owners shall have to maintain and maintain daily maintenance of the van. All parts should meet the relevant security requirements and the national security technical operation standard.

(5) to keep a safe speed, especially through the sharp curve, steep slope, we will strictly control the speed of the car, car and keep a safe distance, on the direction of avoid by all means, nasty brake, emergency brake while turning, borrow lane to overtake, etc.

For cars and motorcyclists, it is also important to be prepared for a big van.

(1) when waiting at the traffic lights, be sure to keep a safe distance from the turning large van. During the turn, you must observe carefully and slow down.

(2) to avoid driving in a big truck rear, if when the truck rear drive needs to keep a reasonable distance and reduce the speed, because the truck the front of the large size will block your vision, van crash when the brakes are easily occur.

(3) the blind area of the truck is much larger than that of a car, but also has inner wheel difference. When large vehicles turn, pedestrians and vehicles should keep a safe distance from the truck.

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