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The CIMC-SHAC (Xi’an) Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture invested by China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. and Shaanxi Heavy-duty Automobile Import & Export Co., Ltd., producing and marketing all kinds of special vehicles.

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01 Big Brand Worthy Trust

The CIMC-SHAC (Xi’an) Special Vehicles Co., Ltd. founded in 2006, is a Sino-foreign joint venture invested by China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. and Shaanxi Heavy-duty Automobile Import & Export Co., Ltd., Relying on the technology advantages of CIMC's more than 100 global plants and SHAC ’s more than 2000 after-sales service network all over the world, experienced more than 10 years development, The company has become the backbone of Chinese special truck industry. Besides, we have successfully passed the China CCC compulsory product certification, TS16949 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international environment system certification. Leading innovation with technology, Guided by the idea of international management, the market has spread all over the country, Products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions overseas.We have won a high degree of recognition and extensive cooperation from global distributors and customers.

02 Technology leadership, efficiency guarantee

The company has large uncoil striping units, Large plasma cutting machine set, 800T press break, It can satisfy 60/class’s vehicle material processing ability of rolling steel strip, cutting, bending. It’s the first application in special purpose vehicle industry that automatic welding robot system, burnish the material, vehicle burnishing processing technic. The whole product is equipped with bi-component polyurethane paint, paint adhesion is the industry leader. Drag chain type assembly line can ensure the production of 60 class industry assembling efficiency

03 Superior technology, Reliable quality

Product development uses advanced Solid Works and pro/E 3D dynamic simulation technology, and ANSYS finite element refined strength simulation analysis and verification measures. we control production quality from the source of design. The company brought in the latest European automatic U type carriage production line and technology, adopt the industry's best superior wear-resistant steel, Material strength, abrasion resistance, anti-impact resistance, weight loss index, and corrosion resistance, weather resistance, etc. the leading indicators produce CIMC-SHAC’s superior quality.

04 5-star Service, Customer-oriented

we will provide 7*24 hour warm service for you, CIMC-SHAC Characteristic "nanny" stagnation point service, Professional service personnel stationed in the fleet, always ensure that your vehicle fully operational. Relying on SHAC’s more than 2000 after-sales service network all over the world, No matter where the vehicle is, as long as you call, the service personnel will provide you with 5-star service and accessories in time. Customer is the direction that leads our career forward.

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Company Profile The CIMC-SHAC (Xi’an) Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. founded in 2006 is a Sino-foreign joint venture invested by CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Heavy duty Automobile Co., Ltd., producing and marketing some kinds of special vehicles. The company is located in Jingwei Industrial Park, Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shaan xi, China. The plant covers an area of 25,000 ㎡ and the total investment is RMB 300 million. It has large uncoil striping units, rolled steel surface pretreatment units, numerical control plasma cutting machines, automatic welding robots and sanding spraying production line, etc. It is the advanced special vehicles production line in China. We are committed to satisfy the clients, offering integrated and intelligent solution of road transportation equipment, and personalized products customization to customers. …...



CIMC-SHAK won the best Cooperation Award...

Dec. 19th SHAK 2018 Annual Business Meeting was held in Jinan. In SHAK’S Annual Awards Ceremony, CIMC-SHAK won the best Cooperation Award. Since then, we have been ranked first in the comprehensive evaluation of the domestic reform system for 8 years.



CIMC(Xi'an) Once Again Got 50 Orders For Muck Trucks...

Apr. 28th High-tech zone Tianxiang Construction Co. Ltd. visited CIMC(Xian), they reviewed the new model of the muck truck. They conducted in-depth communication on the production and delivery of 50 orders

All staff vigorously promote HSE, sharing green development achievements
All staff vigorously promote HSE, sharing green development achievements

From Aug. 30th to Sep. 1st, CIMC HSE group came to CIMC(Xian), The expert group carried out 3 days of HSE annual audit and inspection, The scope covers all the safety work, occupational health and environmental aspects of the company.

CIMC(Xi'an) new type muck truck unveiled at the 2017 International Expo Capacity
CIMC(Xi'an) new type muck truck unveiled at the 2017 International Expo Capacity

Sep. 22nd the 2017 International Expo Capacity was held in Qujiang Xian International Convention and Exhibition Center. CIMC(Xi’an) and dealers participate in the exhibition, We brought Xian CIMC star products: New type urban muck truck.



We will further promote the development of the real economy by improving the efficiency of logistics...

The logistics industry, which runs through the first and second industries, connects production and consumption, which involves a wide range of fields, great potential for development and strong driving force. It is of great significance to promote the ad



Clean energy vehicle technology routes should also be diversified...

This years government work report suggests encouraging the use of clean energy vehicles. Is there any change in the way we often talk about developing new energy vehicles? My understanding is that there is no essential change, but the vehicle type is much

The industry pioneered the intelligent self-diagnosis service system
The industry pioneered the intelligent self-diagnosis service system

Driven a car before friends all know that any vehicle parts have a certain life, some of failure or threat and not in daily driving can feel, only after the vehicle malfunction, factory 400 calls, we would think of by the manufacturer to arrange the servi

Analysis and introduction of the product condition of the car
Analysis and introduction of the product condition of the car

A dump truck, also known as a dump truck, is a vehicle that unloads the cargo through a hydraulic or mechanical lift. Environmental adaptability is widely used and is the most widely used car.I. introduction of the unloading condition1. Typical conditions

  • The following is an introduction to the operation procedures of the dump truck.
    1. Do not suddenly lift the lift handle to "descending position" when full load lift.

    If this operation is wrong, the car will rush down, it will bring a great impact to the frame, even accident. Therefore, the above operations should be avoided as far as possible. If there is a special situation, you must also be careful and try to slow down the landing speed. You must avoid the sudden drop of the carriage.

    2. Do not use the truck - slam the unloading.
    Pick up the car because of the fierce inertia force is very big (usually 5 ~ 20 times of the rated lifting force), easy to cause the frame to permanent deformation, car and pay for the frame welding, burning oil pump or destroy sealing ring, destruction of the hydraulic cylinder, such as damage, the service life of the vehicle is reduced, will there be a rollover accident in severe cases. So the general dump truck is not allowed to lift.

    3. After unloading the truck, it is necessary to remove the loaders to drive.

    If this operation is wrong, the unloading vehicle is in the "joint" position, and the lift pump is under "small circulation" for a long time without load. The result is that the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil is rising rapidly, causing the oil pump seal to be damaged, even the oil pump "burning" phenomenon; More serious is the operation of the oil pump means that the hydraulic system has the power source, in the process of the traffic accident.
    4. The driving force must not be in the "on" position.
    If in the "connected" state (red light), the pump will continue to roll, hydraulic system has the power source, because this will in the pneumatic control valve caused by the wrong operation on car automatic lifting; At this point, the gas control dispensing valve will enter the oil pump even if it is in "descending" position, which will cause the oil pump to burn out.
  • Winter temperatures have plunged and roads have worsened due to snow and other weather, which has put the truck in a serious test. As the saying goes: "three points in the repair, seven points in the maintenance", if preparations for winter not ready, will lead to all kinds of fault, even affect safety, completes the maintenance work to ensure the normal operation of the truck in the cold winter. So what do truck drivers pay attention to in the winter?

    Diesel oil
    Diesel, for cold region should switch to fit local low-freezing winter oil temperature, in order to ensure the diesel to normal combustion, diesel should have high cetane number and appropriate fractions, suitable for low temperature fluidity and viscosity, the evaporative and good oxidation stability.
    When winter comes, ordinary roads become hard and slippery, and water quickly turns to smooth ice. Such road conditions tend to cause tailgating and steering out of control. A few days of snow or even snow, the slippery ice on the road and the solid ice that rolled over it will test the performance of the tyres more.
    The most important details of tire pressure
    Due to the large temperature difference in the winter, the air in the tire has a larger thermal expansion and shrinkage, and the tire pressure is relatively easy to change. The tire pressure affects the performance and reflection of the tire directly, and affects the fuel consumption and service life. Excessive tire pressure will not only increase the risk of puncture, also can make the tyres in the form of a bulge in the middle of contact with the ground, causing the whole vehicle tyre grip range reduced obviously, when emergency braking can't provide enough friction to the brake the vehicle.

    Too low tire pressure also makes the tyre side of the side of the contact surface, unable to become the whole tread contact the ground. In addition to increasing the wear of the tire, it can not provide enough ground floor area, which is no less dangerous than the high tire pressure driving. And the most frequently worn and worn part of the tire will cause the tire to be scrapped prematurely.
    The inside of the tire wall should be carefully protected
    It is well known that the tire wall is the most vulnerable part of the whole tire, and once the scratch or scratch occurs, it will basically lead to a flat tire. General tire maintenance more carefully check the tires when facing the outside of the car side, actually the inside of the tire wall of the test is not only less than the outside, the opposite will than the lateral side more damage. The sharp surface of the air pressure belt of the car at high speed may directly hit the medial tread and cause a scratch. Those bruises may be at any time dangerous in the cold of winter.
    It is recommended that the vehicle be raised to check whether the inner wall of the tyre is injured after running the complex road and high speed. When you park your car in good visibility, you can directly see the inside of the tire.

  • Two days of smog and overwhelming force, anyway xian is very serious, driving to and from work every day on the road, the line of sight was chaotic, to meet the driver of some quality is not high, high beam, forced and lines, pedestrians and motor car at, etc., well, you should have more disturbing, driving is the most critical risk against The Times. Make up a few small skill, fight haze day, return oneself to worry more.

    1. Use lighting correctly
    You'd better turn on the headlights, fog lamps, and light lights in the car. (please note: it is strictly forbidden to turn on the high light in foggy weather). This can remind the vehicle before and after you to pay attention to your position. Turn on the double flashing lights (hazard alarm flash) if you are driving on a highway or fog is very strong.
    The traffic police remind: do not use high beam, fog is according to the top because of the high beam, shoot the light is the fog diffuse, will form in the front was a vast expanse of whiteness but could see nothing when driving.
    Second, fog is the key
    I don't know if you found out that there was a fog in the outside of the car, which caused the fog, and the reason for this is that the outside air is too humid. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the fog and rear-view mirror in the front and rear window of the vehicle when driving, and turn the vents into the front windshield, and use all methods to reduce the production of fog in the car.
    Warning: opening the "AC" mode at this time can help quickly remove fog.
    Control the speed
    The driving in the fog must strictly obey the speed limit, and must not drive fast. The bigger the fog, the shorter the visible distance and the lower the speed. If within 10 meters, suggest not to drive on the side of the road. Be sure to find an absolutely safe place to park! If you are driving on a highway, find the nearest exit and leave the motorway.
    4. Do not blindly overtake the car, pay attention to the pavement pedestrians
    If you find that the car in front of you is parked on the right, don't overdrive, because it's likely that it's waiting for the other car to pass. When overtaking a parked vehicle, it should be honked at the right time to make sure it doesn't have a start, and then turn the horn on the left.
    In addition, you should never cross the solid line in foggy weather, or there will be a danger of colliding with an opposite car. When driving on the curve and the road, you should slow down in advance to avoid speed change, stop or stall.
    In a fog of poor visibility, pay special attention to pedestrians on the road. If you're driving in a suburb without street lights, pay attention to pedestrians and cyclists.
    Don't slam on the brakes
    Don't slam on the brakes because it's difficult to judge a fog. If you hit the brakes in an emergency, you will not be able to judge the distance, leading to the rear end. The best way to avoid an emergency brake is to slow down and keep the car's distance from the front car. If you need a brake, you can tap the brake several times in a row to achieve the goal of controlling the speed, and you can effectively remind the car.
    This belongs to the category of preventive driving, which means: we should not bump into other people, but also prevent people from bumping into ourselves.
    Six, two lanes to choose the outside, three lanes to choose between
    Fog day is poor, so when driving, if it is a one-way three lanes, try to drive in the middle lane. Because visibility is low, it takes longer to deal with both sides of the road, which leaves room for disposal. In addition, the right side of the road in the urban area is generally non-motor road or human-car hybrid road. There are pedestrians, and the fog is not easy to find.
    If it is one way and two lanes, drive in the outer lane, leaving the left space to handle emergencies while preventing object vehicles from crossing the solid line causing accidents.
    7. Before emergency, the danger warning flash will be evacuated to the safe zone

    Fog traffic accident occurs, the most important thing is not to call the police, but quickly open the danger alarm flashlight, the car as far as possible move to does not affect the position of the traffic, and quickly set up warning signs, the rear vehicle can earlier to avoid. If the visibility is less than 10 meters, then the danger warning flash will be turned on and then quickly evacuated to the safety zone. Then, the warning signs will be displayed. Since visibility is less than 10 meters, the value of warning signs is less obvious, and there is a great threat to the safety of the placement. Do not stay in the car or walk in the driveway to avoid secondary accident.
    8. Depending on the navigator
    What do you do when you can't find a way to drive in an unfamiliar place with a thick fog? You have a good set of navigators at this time. Although the navigator is often unreliable, the navigator can still be used at this time. Set a route that is slow to follow its cues, and even if you don't see the sign, the navigator will remind you when it's time to get out, or at least not get lost. You can also avoid the lack of access to the highway.
    9. Follow the command and advice of the traffic police, and learn the information of road conditions in time
    When traveling in foggy weather, be sure to obey the command of the traffic police. If you encounter a highway closed, do not drive in. In addition, the traffic broadcast or the Internet to check whether the expressway around the city is closed, so choose the appropriate route. Of course, if you don't have anything important, it's safest to be home in this foggy weather.

  • The following is an introduction to the safe driving convention of the truck.

    (1) the goods must be loaded and meet the relevant requirements before being on the road. Cannot be ultra - high, super-wide, load balance. Loading of easily flying and leaking items such as coal, soil and sand shall be covered with canvas in case of pollution. In addition, the cargo must be bound and strengthened to prevent accidents caused by movement and scattering of goods.

    (2) in the road, pay attention to various ban marks not ban on driving, don't break into ban into the area, not stop time, don't through a red light, consciously abide by traffic signs and traffic police command. Do not violate the rules of the road, pay attention to the gift, do not drive "bossy", "gas car".

    (3) truck drivers should enhance safety awareness, and drive carefully and carefully. Fasten your seat belts, and do not drive yourself tired.

    (4) the car owners shall have to maintain and maintain daily maintenance of the van. All parts should meet the relevant security requirements and the national security technical operation standard.

    (5) to keep a safe speed, especially through the sharp curve, steep slope, we will strictly control the speed of the car, car and keep a safe distance, on the direction of avoid by all means, nasty brake, emergency brake while turning, borrow lane to overtake, etc.

    For cars and motorcyclists, it is also important to be prepared for a big van.

    (1) when waiting at the traffic lights, be sure to keep a safe distance from the turning large van. During the turn, you must observe carefully and slow down.

    (2) to avoid driving in a big truck rear, if when the truck rear drive needs to keep a reasonable distance and reduce the speed, because the truck the front of the large size will block your vision, van crash when the brakes are easily occur.

    (3) the blind area of the truck is much larger than that of a car, but also has inner wheel difference. When large vehicles turn, pedestrians and vehicles should keep a safe distance from the truck.

  • It is believed that everyone has heard the news about the spontaneous combustion of the car. In general, the self-ignition of the self-unloading semi-trailer is in the summer. Summer weather is hot, the temperature is high, the self-unloading semi-trailer is in high temperature for a long time, there is a risk of spontaneous combustion. Self - unloading semi - trailer is in the summer to prevent the spontaneous combustion of vehicles, especially the tyres. To avoid this problem, the first step is to make clear the self-ignition prevention measures of the semi-trailer. This can effectively prevent this failure.

    Self - unloading semi - trailer summer tyre self-ignition prevention measures to ensure the tyre pressure is normal. Too low pressure or overloading can aggravate the internal movement of the tyres, resulting in the accumulation of heat inside the tyres, which can easily trigger spontaneous combustion.

    Dump semi-trailer summer tires spontaneous combustion prevention measures of tire and the vehicle's braking system to frequently check, will be a flat tire, such as brake failure prone to tire spontaneous potential key reasons in the bud.
    Self - unloading semi - trailer summer tire self-fire prevention measures 3, in hot summer avoid high - speed driving. Often stop, the driver breaks to rest, prevent fatigue driving, also let the tire release the heat that the long drive accumulates.
    The self-unloading semi - trailer, the summer tire self-fire prevention measures four, said the people's wisdom is infinite, the addition of the Chinese characteristics of the water system, to the tyre steel ring heat dissipation is also a good choice.