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Analysis and introduction of the product condition of the car
author:admin Release date:2017/7/25 15:20:31

A dump truck, also known as a dump truck, is a vehicle that unloads the cargo through a hydraulic or mechanical lift. Environmental adaptability is widely used and is the most widely used car.

I. introduction of the unloading condition

1. Typical conditions of urban construction residue

The urban construction type dump truck works on the construction site around the city, and the road condition is better, but the road condition is poor at both ends, and often has a foundation pit. Therefore, the main demand for such vehicles is through sex, reliability, braking and maintenance convenience.

2. Typical working conditions of coal and road gravel

The lightweight self-unloading car is mainly to deal with the difficult traffic condition of the road, and the distance is within 200km. The traffic in this series of vehicles is mostly good, but only at the beginning and end of the road. Therefore, the main demand of users is neither the carrying capacity nor the off-road capacity but the weight, reliability and fuel consumption.

3. Typical working conditions of coal and road gravel

Heavy dump truck mainly ZhongDuanTu transport, the pursuit of a single pass capacity (DORA run), low speed, this series of major road traffic is relatively complex, therefore, to the main demand of the car for the bearing capacity, safety and reliable.

Ii. Customer operation analysis

1. Advantage of residual earth car products - dynamic performance

2. The advantage of residual earth car products -- low center of gravity

The bottom of the self-discharging car is the lowest: the chassis is 1100mm high and the lowest in the industry, which can effectively reduce the centrifugal force of the vehicle on the turn and the bumpy road, and the vehicle is more stable and safer.

The center of gravity of the vehicle is the lowest

The width of the wheelbase and the width of the plate spring is the widest

The chassis and the container accurately match

A full load is full of upslope without turning a corner

3. Advantage of residual earth car products -- braking performance

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