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Self - unloading semi - trailer self-ignition prevention measures
author:admin Release date:2017/9/27 15:43:16

It is believed that everyone has heard the news about the spontaneous combustion of the car. In general, the self-ignition of the self-unloading semi-trailer is in the summer. Summer weather is hot, the temperature is high, the self-unloading semi-trailer is in high temperature for a long time, there is a risk of spontaneous combustion. Self - unloading semi - trailer is in the summer to prevent the spontaneous combustion of vehicles, especially the tyres. To avoid this problem, the first step is to make clear the self-ignition prevention measures of the semi-trailer. This can effectively prevent this failure.

Self - unloading semi - trailer summer tyre self-ignition prevention measures to ensure the tyre pressure is normal. Too low pressure or overloading can aggravate the internal movement of the tyres, resulting in the accumulation of heat inside the tyres, which can easily trigger spontaneous combustion.

Dump semi-trailer summer tires spontaneous combustion prevention measures of tire and the vehicle's braking system to frequently check, will be a flat tire, such as brake failure prone to tire spontaneous potential key reasons in the bud.
Self - unloading semi - trailer summer tire self-fire prevention measures 3, in hot summer avoid high - speed driving. Often stop, the driver breaks to rest, prevent fatigue driving, also let the tire release the heat that the long drive accumulates.
The self-unloading semi - trailer, the summer tire self-fire prevention measures four, said the people's wisdom is infinite, the addition of the Chinese characteristics of the water system, to the tyre steel ring heat dissipation is also a good choice.

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