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  • Operating procedures for dump trucks

    The following is an introduction to the operation procedures of the dump truck.1. Do not suddenly lift the lift handle to "descending position" when full load lift.If this operation is wrong, the car will rush down, it will bring a great impact to the frame, even accident. Therefore, the above operations should be avoided as far as possible. If there is a special situation, you must also …

  • How to raise a car in winter

    Winter temperatures have plunged and roads have worsened due to snow and other weather, which has put the truck in a serious test. As the saying goes: "three points in the repair, seven points in the maintenance", if preparations for winter not ready, will lead to all kinds of fault, even affect safety, completes the maintenance work to ensure the normal operation of the truck in the cold…

  • "Fog" must pay attention to driving skills

    Two days of smog and overwhelming force, anyway xian is very serious, driving to and from work every day on the road, the line of sight was chaotic, to meet the driver of some quality is not high, high beam, forced and lines, pedestrians and motor car at, etc., well, you should have more disturbing, driving is the most critical risk against The Times. Make up a few small skill, fight haze day, retu…

  • Convention on safe driving of goods vehicles

    The following is an introduction to the safe driving convention of the truck.(1) the goods must be loaded and meet the relevant requirements before being on the road. Cannot be ultra - high, super-wide, load balance. Loading of easily flying and leaking items such as coal, soil and sand shall be covered with canvas in case of pollution. In addition, the cargo must be bound and strengthened to preve…

  • Self - unloading semi - trailer self-ignition prevention measures

    It is believed that everyone has heard the news about the spontaneous combustion of the car. In general, the self-ignition of the self-unloading semi-trailer is in the summer. Summer weather is hot, the temperature is high, the self-unloading semi-trailer is in high temperature for a long time, there is a risk of spontaneous combustion. Self - unloading semi - trailer is in the summer to prevent th…

  • What parts should I check before the semi-trailer?

    The following are some of the precautions to be checked before the semi-trailer is driven: 1. Look at the tireVisual tire pressureVisual inspection does not have the phenomenon of lack of gas, sundry attachment, and the phenomenon of deformation and crack in the steel ring.2. Check the tightness of the tyre screwsAir gunThe details you can dont bother, whether should inspect each screw fastening, r…